GoodGoshAlmighty Archives

GoodGosh Original Fiction
     "Our Time Will Come" by Vijay Aswani
     "A Soochow Story" by Lucille Bellucci
     "Aristotle Onassis and Me" by Alma H. Bond
     "Analyzed" by Leslie Cohen
     "Touch the Untouchable" by Antony Davies
     "The Humvee Did It" by Margaret DiCanio
     "Joshua, Mr. Jenkins, the Tree and the Silence" by Emile Dodds
     "Joe's Baby" by Joyce Faulkner
     "Manard and la Kiwi" by Lynda Finn
     "Manard's Decision" by Lynda Finn
     "Time, Sectioned into Triple Quarters" by Chris Gauthier
     "How Jerry Got Married" by Arthur Joel Katz
     "Crawling Through Life, Tanks" by Emma Krasov
     "I Don't Know Any Angels" by Esteban A. Martinez
     "Heart of Stone" by Adam McGrath
     "Conversations with My Daughter" by Shaunna Privratsky
     "Butch" by John Fite Rebrovick
     "Forrest Apparel Company" by John Fite Rebrovick
     "The Truth in a Moment" by John Fite Rebrovick
     "Looking Back in Retrospect" by Joseph E. Scalia
     "Not Just Another Christmas Letter 2003" by Joseph E. Scalia
     "Warren's Song" by Shane Sellar
     "Downtown Crossing" by Charles R. Sterbakov
     "Creator" by Ben Stivers
     "Last Will" by R.D. Veitch
     "The Big Chance" by Chrissie Ward
     "Random Acts" by Chrissie Ward
     "Jealousy" by Lisa Zhito

GoodGosh Original Nonfiction
     "The Weird World of 21st Century Teenagers" by Lynne Bromley
     "The Bridge" by James Brush
     "I Met Barry Manilow... I Think" by Ronda Claire
     "Trapped Inside the Story" by Leslie Cohen
     "The Centipede" by Joyce Faulkner
     "Why Work Forever if You Can Retire Young?" by Larry Ferstenou
     "Saving the World" by Carl H. Flygt
     "School Stinks" by Wendi Friend
     "Pet Examiner" by Grif Haber, D.V.M.
     "Lysistrata Sang" by Tucker Lieberman
     "When I Stop Naming Eunuchs" by Tucker Lieberman
     "Santa's Reindeer" by Karin A. Magdal
     "Caregiving: The Unplanned Journey" by Jacquelyn Marcell
     "Tribute to a Former Slave" by G. Elliott Nations
     "Leo and the Wall" by J. Michael Orange
     "The Myth of Microwaves" by Matthew Perry
     "Old Hickory's Advice" by John Fite Rebrovick
     "The Tunnel of Stupidity" by John Fite Rebrovick
     "Time Bombs for Fifty-Something Lovebirds" by John Fite Rebrovick
     "The Asian Bug" by Joseph E. Scalia
     "The Rhythm of Life" by Joseph E. Scalia
     "TIM is Money" by Joseph E. Scalia
     "Coincidence Stinks" by Tom Slattery
     "Memory" by Tom Slattery
     "Whistling Bottles" by Tom Slattery
     "Stealing Mama's Ring" by Stacy Taylor
     "Only Connect" by A.J. Weitzer
     "Two and a Half Days in Rome" by Louis Winslow

GoodGosh Original Poetry
     "L.V. Women" by Lisa Allender
     "Alone" by April Asevedo
     "I Never Thought" by April Asevedo
     "From Home" by Chandra Bloodgood
     "Broken Heart Redux" by Emery Campbell
     "River" by Sita Carboni
     "All I Have to Give" by Greg Davis
     "Latex White" by Jo Lee Dibert-Fitko
     "Poem for my father, in which he takes pictures, smiles, and wraps cables (poorly)" by Brandon Gregory
     "Ophelia" by Theresa E. LaVeck
     "Duty Call" by Mindy Phillips Lawrence
     "Heartbreak" by Nanette Littlestone
     "Pretense" by Nanette Littlestone
     "Flight to Morrow" by Irene Livingston
     "Satin Blue" by Irene Livingston
     "The Garment District" by Bonnie Nish
     "Window Girl" by Srijaya Reddy
     "Eve" by Brent Sampson
     "Fixation" by Brent Sampson
     "A Perfect Circle" by Sherry Sherritt
     "The Children's Hour" by Steven Owen Shields
     "How It Is Supposed to Be" by Shelley Ann Wake
     "Shadow Noir" by Bev Walton-Porter
     "Copperhead" by Linda Yeatts
     "I'm a Caged Monkey" by Trina Zacharias

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