John Fite Rebrovick

…is author of two novels featured on and editor of a third book written by his great-great-grand uncle who was a veteran of the Civil War. He owns a small business for bread and writes for butter. He lives in Houston County, Tennessee, with his faithful dog Spooker.

About Memories of Col. John Amenas Fite:
John Amenas Fite (1832-1925) grew up on his family’s farm in Alexandria, Tennessee, southeast of Nashville. His at turns rolicking and poignant memoiir was dictated and typewritten late in his nearly century-long life. He was the youngest child of a large, pioneering family. He seems to have had a knack for showing up at the right place at the right time to witness and to make history. And he had the gift of gab to tell the story well, especially his adventures as a “rather rattling kind of boy” ranging over the countryside in the slave-holding antebellum South, his challenges as a young lawyer in Carthage, Tennessee, and his experiences fighting for the Seventh Tennessee attached to Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia all the way up to Gettysburg, where he was captured and spent the duratioin of the wary in an infamous Union prison. His memoir is fun reading and rich history.

About In Measured Steps:
Inspired by a true story, the novel “In Measured Steps” details the efforts of young Robert Wiss Bozanich to save his grandfather’s company from bankruptcy by salvaging a botched million-dollar sale to the ruthless von Hasen brothers. Beautiful Marlena must choose between the rivals, while happy go lucky sidekick Butch Snider rides shotgun the whole way. A riveting, suspenseful story of love, drama, and self-discovery set on the streets of America and Europe.

About The Truth in a Moment:
On July 4, 2008, in response to the sorry choice in the upcoming Presidential election, a revolutionary idea is revealed to the world by one Hatch Houston, descendant of the legendary Sam Houston and the infamous William Walker. The country is rocked to its foundation and Hatch Houston is on the run. His is the story of a quintessentially American hero. Of a passionate individualist who loses the love of his life and yet finds her anew. Of an idea that changes a nation and gives new hope to all Americans, and the kind of men and women who make it happen.