Ben Stivers is a novelist living in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, Wendy, and two of his four children, Nicki and Josh, no cats, no dogs.  His first novel, Across Space and Time: The StoneBrook Chronicles was an instant success with his fans, most of who are looking for the sequel (which he has yet to write).

He has completed thirteen novels. This is his second published novel, and the first of the Bornshire Chronicles series (a collection of nine books).  The next book, Wrath of Angels, is in final editing as of the publication of this book, followed by Lake of Fire.

His favorite author is Piers Anthony. His favorite color, green. He doesn't have a favorite food, claiming he is very easy to feed. His favorite animal--well, the birds in his backyard.

He writes about, and on just about anything (including napkins, old newspapers, backs of envelopes)--stopping only every once in a while to ensure the world is still present.

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Posted 01/2003.Updated 03/2005.

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