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     GoodGoshAlmighty.com came online in 2004 to give amateur writers, especially those using then-new print-on-demand book publishing, a means of exposing their writing to a wider audience. In the next few months, we published dozens and dozens of excellent pieces--prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction--from diverse writers from all over the world. It was very gratifying, but not at all profitable, and far more time-consuming than expected. You can see the whole shebang by clicking the Archives button below, and I still feature one of the archived pieces on the front page as I go along.

     Happily, many other sites have come along in the meantime that cater to the amateur writer and have more than taken up our slack. I keep the site active so that for anyone interested, all that good writing is still available in our archives, and so that my own writing has a home to go to. I'm not much of a talker but I love to hear myself write. :)

     Thanks for your interest!

     John Fite Rebrovick

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