Bev Walton-Porter a Colorado-based professional freelance writer who has had hundreds of columns, articles and reviews featured in numerous publications, both online and offline, since she began freelancing full-time in May 1997.  She was Inkspot's BookStop editor from July 1999 until March 2000 when the site was shut down due to lack of funding. During her editorship, her charge was to review and promote writing-related resources of interest to Inkspot readers on a biweekly basis.

Bev has been a contract editor for NBC Internet, senior editor for, assistant editor for Eye on the Web, and managing editor/contributing editor at Suite 101 - Freelance. She has also reviewed software and books for CompuNotes, Inscriptions and The Charlotte Austin Review, Ltd. She has published two quarterly e-zines for writers, as well. Currently she is the editor/publisher of Inscriptions Magazine.

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