Joyce Faulkner

...has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and an M.B.A. She has been a volunteer at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center for several years, serving as a hospital advocate. She left the corporate world as Director of eCommerce having spent five years working with the Internet and Intranet strategies for her company. 

Her writing credentials include features, profiles, essays, and humor. Her column "The History of Aerial Applications" ran in Ag Pilot International and will continue in a new publication to be known as Professional Ag Pilot. A second column for the web ezine Inscriptions, called "Where to Go When You Want to Know", began in September 2002.  She has considerable experience writing for the Internet and a corporate Intranet. She is seeking representation for her short story collection, Losing Patience, and her two novels: Windshift, about the women who ferried military aircraft during W.W. II, and User Name, a thriller about a serial killer and identity thief.

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Posted 01/2003. Updated 03/2005.

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