Jo Lee Dibert-Fitko

Writer, poet, photographer, social worker and cartoonist, resides in Michigan.  Her work has appeared in over a hundred publications nationwide and in Europe.  Jo Lee switched careers to writing and cartooning after hospitalization with a pituitary brain tumor and meningitis, turning a life threatening illness into a life affirming experience.  A University of Michigan graduate, she has been a featured speaker in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, including Guest Poet honors at the Printers Row Book Fair in Chicago.

Jo Lee has garnered numerous poetry, writing and cartoon awards and is receiving national acclaim for her books ...You Never Asked For This! (Adult Cartoon/Coloring Book) and Evening Palette (Poetry).  She has been featured in newspapers as well as television and radio.  She fondly refers to her pituitary gland as the “writing/cartoon storage area.”  Her work is edited by an opinionated feline, Simon.

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Posted 03/2003. Revised 07/2006.

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