Margaret DiCanio author of Memory Fragments from the Armenian Genocide: A Mosaic of a Shared Heritage (Mystery and Suspense Press, 2002) and Encyclopedia of American Activism: 1960 to the Present (ABC-CLIO, 1998),  and has been a freelance writer for 17 years, during which she has published 10 nonfiction books.


DiCanio’s short mystery “The Bag Lady Caper” (New Mystery, summer, 1999) was reprinted in Mystery in Mind (Parapsychology Press, 2003).  Her short story “Tunnel of Malice,”( Futures, fall, 2001) was a finalist for the 2001 Derringer Award given by the Short Mystery Fiction Society.


Two as yet unpublished short stories, “Heaven’s Triage” and “Legacy of Glass,” were 2002 New Century Award finalists, as was an excerpt from an unpublished mystery novel entitled Operation: Kick Butt.


DiCanio served four years as president of the New England chapter of Mystery Writers of America and serves as editor of the chapter’s newsletter.


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Posted 03/2003.

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