Sherry Sherritt
...has always enjoyed reading poetry and short stories, especially the works of Edgar Allen Poe.  Besides immersing herself in both his fiction and poetry, she also spends time studying his life and can recite much of "The Raven" by heart.

She has an ongoing love affair with words and the English language.  She enjoys the beauty of certain words, the beauty of certain phrases, the cleverness of well thought out phrases and what she calls "verbal music".  Words and phrases that sound beautiful "just because they do".  Their meaning may be mundane, but sometimes the word chosen and the phrasing can make them seem supremely profound.  If they happen to be truly profound at the same time, then she says, "that is even more exciting."

She has previously been published in the Fall/Winter 1991 issue of Mobius The Poetry Magazine in "The Usages of Language and the Forms of Poetry" section.

Sherry lives with her infant son Charlie in Carnation, Washington.

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Posted 02/2003. Revised 07/2006.