Tom Slattery

Born and raised in Ohio, he did his drafted stint in the Army, wandered and worked here and there around the USA, much of it as a scientific helper of various kinds, studied minimally to get a few degrees, lived and worked in Asia and Europe, and now sits in an old cold-in-the-winter cottage on the shore of Lake Erie researching for and writing fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays on items and in areas that draw from his experience or intrigue him.

He tries to keep as open a mind as possible and wonder about and research items, devices, ideas, and society in ways different from prevailing ones. An example of this "thinking out of the box" is his hypothesis that an initial smallpox pandemic may have brought a sudden end to bronze-age civilization in the mid-12th century BC in his book The Tragic End of the Bronze Age. Several articles are archived about it, the main one being an article divided into 2 parts (Part 1) (Part 2).

Another is a hypothesis that global warming is about to precipitate a new Ice Age, as seen both in his novel (and screenplay) Sinking Into Summer's Arms and his article in Serial Free Press.

You can find his essays "Whistling Bottles", "Memory", and  "Coincidence Stinks" on

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