Wendi Friend
...explores her life's journey with more than ten years experience in the world of writing. Wendi is a former writer for the Las Vegas Casino Times, has written a series of picture book texts and is in the process of creating a book of poetry. She also currently holds the titles of Content-Director for Cenicola-Helvin Enterprises, an internet information resource company, and Editor-In-Chief of RITRO.com, a volunteer Web community based on Real Insight Through Raw Opinion. Wendi lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she's working on her freelance career, a historical fiction trilogy and homeschooling her three children. In her spare time, Wendi can be found barefoot in the garden playing with the faerie folk or working magic in the kitchen. Wendi's personal motto is "Believe good things because what you believe becomes."

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Posted 01/2003.Revised 07/2006.


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