I Never Thought
by April Asevedo

I never thought I could miss someone so much.
There's nothing I wouldn't do for one last touch.
I miss your smile and immature ways.
Why can't we go back to the good old days?
I never thought your birthday would be our last time together.
I always thought brothers and sisters stuck together forever.
I waited at the hospital in endless hope for you to awake.
My being in denial was a very big mistake.
It took me by surprise to watch you leave this earth so soon.
I cursed the wreck-less driver and GOD too.
You were my baby brother, twenty-two years old with a good future ahead.
There are plenty others out there who deserve to be dead.
I just want to talk to you, hug you, be near you once again.
Damn! I never thought this is how it would end.

In loving memory of my brother, Eddie Patingo.


by April Asevedo

The house is dark, lonely and cold.
Not too many years before I'm gone.
I long to hear just one door shut.
Perhaps the presence of another's footsteps.
The phone doesn't ring.
No knocks on the door.
I am sinking in a pool of sorrow.
I made this pool myself.
The house is dark, lonely and cold.
Not too many more years before I'm gone.
It is time to leave this house.
It is time to leave this pool of sorrow.
I don't want to die alone.



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