Broken Heart Redux
by Emery Campbell

When will I ever get over this?
This blow will finally make me lose my grip.
ďGrip some otherís kiss if offered,Ē you may say.
Say what you will, thatís just no good.
Good kiss perhaps, but it wouldnít have the same zip at all.
All that, you know as well as I.
I would have needed a crystal ball to see.
See, she blithely put our love to rout.
Rout; I think thatís what she really set out to do.
Do I exaggerate in calling it unfair and rough?
Rough it, thatís all thatís left for me,
me whose breast was pierced by Cupidís dart for sure.
Sure it hurts, donít doubt it;
it is tearing me apart.
Apart from that IÖbut look!
Look at that blonde, on the left, just coming in.
In Godís name, what a figure!
Figure this out, can you?
You there, sweetheart, Iíve been waiting for you all my life.


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