All I Have to Give
by Greg Davis

All I have to give you
is me.
And for the first time
That seems to be enough.

I have carried the weight
of long term debt,
From being the person
I never was or could ever be.

I have sold myself
far too cheap,
To those who thought me a bargain,
requiring such small investments from them.

I have redecorated to other's taste,
Painted over who I am,
In the hope of attracting
What I found I never wanted.

But you have let me come
Unadorned, without lies
To you or myself,
With no debts to collect
Or IOUs of the heart
That I could never repay.

So I am free
To be the man I am,
And to let you see me
Naked in the day. 

All I have to give is me
You have never asked for else.
So I give you all you ask,
And in such giving,
Find myself becoming more.

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