I'm a Caged Monkey
by Trina Zacharias

I'm a caged monkey,
Scurrying cubby to cubical,
Looking for a place to belong,
Amongst banana leaves and greenery.

A door opens, unlocked, exposed.
Unlimited resources and wonder
Cool clean running waterfalls,
Dense lush underbrush,
Vast valleys of palm trees,
filled with exotic birds,
mountain backdrops,
and sweet moist air.

Safe, I call this place home.
Inspiration and creativity flow like the spraying falls
Searching the underbrush, I find excitement in challenges
From atop the palms, I see the boundless future
My senses alive with the harmonious language of feathered friends
Secure in the arms of surrounding mountains
I can breath ...
within the corporate wheel.


2015 GoodGoshAlmighty.com